This document contains information in relation to technologies that enable Cryptosmart (as defined below) to achieve the purposes described below. These technologies allow the Owner (as defined below) to collect and store information (e.g., through the use of cookies) or to use resources (e.g., by running a script) on the user’s device when the user interacts with Cryptosmart’s website and/or smartphoneapplication (the website and app, collectively, the “Platform“).

For the sake of simplicity and clarity of exposition, these technologies are briefly referred to in this document as “tracking tools,” unless there is reason to differentiate between them. By way of example only, although cookies may be used in browsers accessible via computer and/or application for smartphones, it would be inappropriate to speak of cookies in the context of mobile applications, since these are tracking tools that require the presence of a browser. For this reason, within this document the term cookie is used only to refer specifically to the aforementioned specific types of tracking tools.

Some of the purposes for which tracking tools are used may, in addition, require the user’s consent. If consent is given, it can be freely revoked at any time by following the instructions described in this document.

Cryptosmart uses tracking tools operated directly by the data controller (commonly referred to as “first party” tracking tools) and tracking tools that enable services provided by third parties (commonly referred to as “third party” tracking tools). Except as provided herein, the aforementioned third parties have access to their respective tracking tools.

Duration and expiration of cookies and other tracking tools may vary depending on what is provided by the Data Controller (as defined below) or each third-party provider. Some of them expire at the end of your browsing session within the Platform.

In addition to what is specified in the description of each of the categories below, you can find more extensive information on duration, as well as any other relevant information – such as the presence of other tracking tools – in the privacy policies of the respective third-party providers or by contacting the Controller (as defined below).

  1. Data Controller

The Data Controller of the processing of personal data is Cryptosmart S.r.l., having its registered office in 06134 Perugia (PG), Strada Canneto Sant’Angelo n. 5, C.F. and registration number with the Registrar of Companies of Perugia n. 03775010543. The Data Controller can be contacted at the following email address ( Cryptosmart ” or the “ Data Controller “) .

  1. Scope – To whom the cookie policy applies

This Cookie Policy applies to all persons using Cryptosmart’s services provided through the Platform (hereinafter referred to as “User“). We also invite you to also check our other disclosures (e.g. the Privacy Policy), which may supplement and/or amend this Cookie Policy.

  1. Activities strictly necessary to ensure the operation of the Platform

Cryptosmart may use cookies commonly referred to as “technical” or other similar tracking tools to perform activities strictly necessary to ensure the operation or provision of Cryptosmart’s services through the Platform.

  1. Definition of Cookies

Cookies are short text files that are downloaded to your device when you visit a website. On each subsequent visit, cookies are re-sent to the website that originated them (first-party cookies) or to another website that recognizes them (third-party cookies). Cookies are used because they allow a website (the Platform) to recognize the user’s device. Cookies serve several purposes such as, to allow you to efficiently navigate between pages on a site, remember your favorite sites, and generally improve your browsing experience. They also help to ensure that advertising content displayed online is better targeted according to the user’s characteristics and interests. Based on function and purpose of use, cookies can be divided into technical cookies, profiling cookies, and third-party cookies.

There are many specific types of cookies, web beacon and other similar technologies that are used for the aforementioned purposes. The term cookie or tracking tool describes many different technologies, for example:

  • session cookies and persistent cookies;
  • flash cookies and HTML 5;
  • javaScript snippets;
  • web beacons or gifs (also called ClearGIF, tracking pixel or pixel tag, Skript, Page Tag);
  • other device identifiers;
  • additional analytical tools without direct cookie settings.

In this Cookie Policy, we will use the term “ cookies ” or “ similar technologies ” to cover all types of such technologies.

  1. Types of cookies – Technical cookies

Technical cookies are those whose use does not require the user’s consent pursuant to Article 122 paragraph 1 of Legislative Decree 196/2003 and Articles 13 and 14 of EU Regulation 2016/679. Among the aforementioned technical cookies, we point out the essential cookies, also called “ strictly necessary “, which enable functions, without which it would not be possible to use the Platform properly. Such cookies are used exclusively by Cryptosmart. They are saved on the user’s computer only during the active session of the browser . Essential cookies are used, for example, when opening a connection to the Platform. Such a cookie is also used to store the user’s decision regarding the use of cookies within the Platform. Also included in the scope of technical cookies are those used to statistically analyze access or visits to the Platform, also known as “ analytics “, which pursue statistical purposes only, (but not also marketing or profiling) and collect information in aggregate form without the possibility of tracing the identification of the individual user.

Essential cookies cannot be disabled using the Platform features.

The aforementioned cookies can only be disabled and/or deleted through the settings of the browser :

  1. Types of cookies – Profiling cookies

In addition to technical cookies, Cryptosmart informs the user that as part of the functionality of the Platform may also use profiling cookies that pursue purposes of analysis of user behavior for the purpose of marketing . The use of the aforementioned cookies requires the prior acquisition of the user’s free informed consent pursuant to Article 23 of Legislative Decree 196/2003 and the provisions of EU Regulation 2016/679. The Platform acquires the aforementioned consent in compliance with applicable laws and regulations through the banner that appears on the first visit to the Platform itself. The aforementioned consent can be revoked at any time. The denial of consent to the use of profiling cookies will not interfere with the possibility of accessing the Platform, except for the impossibility of accessing those functions or content that make use of the aforementioned cookies.

  1. Categories and purposes of cookies used by Cryptosmart

Cookies have different purposes and are used by the Company in connection with many important functions of the site. The following is a description of the categories of cookies used, as well as their purposes of use.

  1. Essential cookies:

may be session or persistent and are necessary to provide Cryptosmart’s services. These cookies and similar technologies are essential to enable Cryptosmart’s websites to display the settings you choose and to navigate the site properly. In addition, Cryptosmart uses such cookies for security reasons, as well as for the general performance of the services offered and to deliver our own. They are usually set to adapt to the way you use Cryptosmart’s website before and after the login, equivalent to a customer request. These cookies allow us to remember your privacy and language settings, whether or not you are logged into your account as well as any customizations to your account. For example, a website user does not need to enter his or her login information each time he or she visits the website, because this is handled by the website and the cookie stored in the browser. Regarding security issues, such technologies help Cryptosmart identify and examine potentially irregular or suspicious access to the website, user accounts, and network (e.g., prevention of identity theft, bot attacks, fraud, etc.). Through such technologies, Cryptosmart is also able to detect technical problems in relation to the website (e.g. crash reports). Essential cookies will be provided by us or by third parties whose services are implemented by us on our website (e.g. reCHAPTCHA, Sentry, Sift Science). If you block the aforementioned cookies through your browser, Cryptosmart may not be able to provide the related services.

  1. Performance cookies:

these cookies and similar technologies (analytical tools) are used to collect information about visitors to Cryptosmart’s website (number, frequency, preferences, etc.) and how users use the website in order to measure and improve the performance of the website as well as the services offered. In addition, web analytics tools may use cookies to improve the performance of the website. Such cookies may be session or persistent. All information collected by these cookies is aggregated and therefore kept anonymous. The aforementioned cookies will be provided by Cryptosmart or a third party whose services are implemented on Cryptosmart’s websites. Blocking such cookies and tools through your browser or opting out has no effect on the services provided to you.

  1. Advertising cookies:

mostly, these are persistent third-party cookies that are implemented on Cryptosmart’s website. Among other uses, such cookies allow Cryptosmart to provide advertising that is more suitable to the user’s characteristics/interests (personalized advertising). Cryptosmart may also track related marketing campaigns through such tools (e.g. conversion tracking). Such cookies could collect information about the user and their browsing habits, such as pages visited and links used. This function could affect the content that the user will view on other websites. All information collected through the aforementioned tools is aggregated and therefore kept anonymous. Blocking such cookies and tools through your browser or opting out has no effect on the services provided to you.

  1. Processing of personal data via cookies

In general, no personal data will be processed via cookies. However, in some cases the data collected may be considered as personal data and, therefore, Cryptosmart may process personal data through cookies on the website. If Cryptosmart processes your personal user data, the processing will be carried out only to the extent that there is a legal basis and purpose for doing so and only in accordance with applicable data protection laws. For more extensive information, please see the privacy policy.

  1. How to manage preferences and give or revoke consent

There are several ways to manage preferences related to tracking tools and to give or revoke consent. Users can manage preferences related to tracking tools directly through their device settings-for example, they can prevent tracking tools from being used or stored.

In addition, whenever the use of tracking tools depends on consent, the user can give or revoke that consent by setting his or her preferences within the cookie policy or by updating those preferences via the widget of tracking settings, if any.

Through special features of the browser or device, it is also possible to remove previously saved tracking tools.

Other tracking tools in the local memory of the browser can be removed by deleting the browsing history.

Regarding third-party tracking tools, the user can manage preferences and revoke consent by visiting the relevant opt-out link (if available), using the tools described in the third party’s privacy policy or contacting them directly.

Last updated June 15, 2021