The safety and security of your funds is forever our primary responsibility and priority.

We believe it is our primary responsibility to provide a technology platform so that everyone can use digital assets securely.
One of the main strengths of CryptoSmart is the adoption of the highest security standards that guarantee and ensure the most complete protection of your investments in cryptocurrencies and digital assets, and this means for you to enjoy a reliable and robust financial system.

Our team has decades of experience in creating secure systems and has implemented a set of security and accessibility procedures, enabling clients to make transactions, movements of digital assets transparently and reliably, protected by CryptoSmart’s pioneering multi-signature security, which enables the highest level of security and compliance for digital assets.

Secure digital assets
The keys to 98 percent of all repositories are stored in Air Gapped Systems, i.e., equipment that is not connected in any way to the Internet, thus unhackable.

Platform security
All of our servers have multiple replicas and are password protected and authenticated to 2FA. Code access and distribution are strictly controlled. All software used is thoroughly reviewed and tested.

Information security
All sensitive account information is encrypted in databases, both at the system and data level. Access is tightly controlled and monitored.

Security Features

  • 2FA (Google Authenticator) to protect your account and withdrawals
  • Beneficiary creations, i.e., checking accounts for FIAT or addresses for Crypto only by confirmation from client’s email address. So EVERY withdrawal can be sent to an activated payee only from YOUR personal email.
  • Cold Wallet keys offline
  • No phone/SMS account retrieval, your account remains in your hands
  • Email confirmations for withdrawals and deposits.
  • API key authorizations via 2FA authentication
  • PGP-signed and encrypted email for secure communications
  • SSL encryption to protect you while browsing.
  • Constant, real-time monitoring for suspicious activity
  • Zero settlement risk, no chargeback fraud during cryptocurrency trading
  • Sensitive data is fully encrypted when idle
  • High-priority 24/7 live chat and email support for urgent issues