The Nemesis Token


The Nemesis launches the NEMS cryptocurrency on Cryptosmart: a real earning opportunity in the gaming’s next frontier 

NEMS token is coming soon and will allow players to cash out and earn real money through a special Play-and-Earn model.

The Nemesis is the Swiss Metaverse company that reimagines the web through its next generation metaverse offering a place without borders where virtual and real world encounters merge together to form an experience unlike any other. The company, first in the Top 20 Web3 Virtual Worlds by Metaversed, was built to catalyze the mass adoption of Web3 by leveraging the utility of Web2 to seamlessly onboard users from any background or interest to enjoy what they like in the Metaverse. From seasoned DeFi enthusiasts looking to explore NFT utilities to your average gamer interested in living new experiences in the Metaverse, The Nemesis is designed to be a daily part of the lives of just about anyone across the world.

The quality of its technology and ease of use are the strengths of the platform, which is accessible via desktop browser or iOS/Android mobile app

Consensys, Polygon, LandVault, Skoda by Volkswagen, Arnette by Luxottica and many other Brands have already chosen The Nemesis to increase the engagement of their communities with innovative experiences, fun gameplays, challenges and live events set in different and exciting Metaverses. 

Owing to the platform’s Circular Economy system, players will be able to spend their time obtaining cards and COINS, the in-game currency used to purchase different virtual assets (such as Land NFTs) and cash out through the new token. COINS and cards boost the level of in-game assets and allow users to gain further major benefits, with the aim to let them enjoy a more advantageous Play-and-Earn experience.  

Set to launch on May 8th, 2023, the NEMS official presentation will be held on the stage of the Blockchain Week Rome on May 10th, 2023 together with the Launchpad on Cryptosmart at 0.15$/token, with a minimum purchase amount of 200$.

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